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Listen to the dialogue "Touchy topics". Greg asks Todd why elllo has so few controversial topics.
Listen and write phrasal verbs with other words that you will hear.
1. Todd: Right. I don't have too many controversial topics. There's actually technical reasons. One is it just takes too long for people to talk about a controversial topic, so for example if you really want to get into controversy, you know, it leads to long conversation and people expressing their view and arguing and the way that the audio is  on elllo, it's kind of short.
2. Greg: OK, it's your site: your right to do whatever you want, but I just think maybe ... maybe some of your listeners would appreciate that and maybe you could have ... my suggestion is that you have a little one page, controversial page, or something. Just, you know, try it out, and if you get a lot of good reaction, you might want to continue and if it doesn't   .
3. Todd: You know, I think you can kind of see the problem, that sometimes   and it's so easy to alienate maybe a small portion of your audience and I just don't want to do that.