Умова завдання:

Change the affirmative sentences into negative sentences and fill in the blanks. Use the contracted forms e.g.  can't, don't, doesn't etc.
Notice: sometimes both the auxiliary and the main verb are missing from the sentence, but sometimes you should fill in the blanks with only the auxiliary verb.
Example: I listen to my mother.
I don't listen to my mother.
NOT:  I do not listen to my mother.
1. I can play the guitar.
I  the drums.
2. Anna has a bath every day.
Anna  have a bath every day.
3. She knows my phone number.
She  my phone number.
4. My sister likes the cinema.
My sister  the cinema.

Для того щоб вирішувати завдання, необхідно зареєструватися.

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