Умова завдання:

Read the dialogue between girls during their trip around the town.  
(Прочитай діалог дівчат під час їх подорожі містом.)
Kate came from another town. Olga wants to show her the town. So they took a bus.
(Кейт приїхала з іншого міста. Ольга хоче показати  їй своє місто. Тому дівчата сідають в автобус.)
O: Here is our bus. Let's get on.
K: Fine.
O: Look! There is my school on the right. It's not far from my house. Do you like it?
K: Yes, it is very beautiful.
O: Do you see that building on the left? This is the factory where my father works. You know, he is a worker.
K: Yes, I know. And what is there near the factory?
O: That is our cinema. They show wonderful films there.
K: It's a new cinema, isn't it?
O: Yes. Now we are coming to the theatre. It is not new, but beautiful.
K: Yes, it's very nice.
O: But most of all I like our museum. They show unique things there. I go there very often. Would you like to go with me?
K: Yes, sure.
O: Here is the park now, let's get off.
Fill in the gaps in the sentences.
(Заповни пропуски в реченнях.)
1. It's not far from my . 
2. It's a new , isn't it?
3. Here is the  now, let's get off.
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