Умова завдання:

Read the letter. Decide if the statements below are true or false.
Dear Mummy,
I am writing to you from the summer camp. I’m so happy to be here. It is in the forest and there is a river not far from the camp. But we haven’t been there yet. I arrived two days ago and I hope we will go and swim in the river one day.
I have met new friends here. Katya and Iryna are from Poltava. They have told me so much about their city. I want to visit it on my way back home. May I? We haven’t visited many places yet but we have been on an excursion in a local museum. We went there yesterday. It was very interesting. And today we are going to have a party. Everybody is getting ready for it. Katya, Iryna and I have prepared a song. We are going to sing it at the party. But I haven’t decided what to wear. Anyway, it is going to be fun.
Tomorrow we are going to have a boat trip. I am so excited. I have never had a boat trip before, you know. But don’t worry! I promise I will be careful. And remember I can swim very well.
I have to finish now. The girls have come for our final rehearsal. I need to go.
How’s daddy? Has he come back from his business trip yet? Give my love to him. I have bought some souvenirs for him. Next time I will buy some for you. And how’s Max? Has he read the book I gave him?

1. Maria is enjoying her holiday in a summer camp. 
2. Maria enjoyed the excursion to a local museum. 
3. Katya and Iryna are in Poltava. 
4. Maria worries because she has never had a boat trip. 
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