Умова завдання:

Read the text below. Choose the right statement below.
At the Restaurant
Last summer we were on holiday at the seaside. On our way back to our home town, we were driving through a small village. We were passing by an old hotel and decided to stop there because we were all tired. It was dinner time, so we went to a restaurant. When we entered the restaurant, we saw a group of people there. They were sitting at a big table. They were eating, drinking and talking loudly. A musician was playing the piano. He was playing really well. But there was something unusual about the people there at the table. We saw a young woman there. She was wearing a long loose red dress and a cute hat with feathers. Next to her, there was a young man. He was wearing a black jacket and dark blue trousers. He also had a white shirt and a dark blue tie on. There were two more people at the same table, a man and a woman, but they looked much older. The old man was also wearing a smart suit with a tie and the old woman's dress was also long. She was wearing a hat, too. They all looked very elegant. But it was so strange to see people wearing that kind of old style clothes though it was a hot summer evening. At the same time, they looked happy and were laughing and smiling all the time. Then the waiter explained that it was a fancy dress party. The old people were ill and their children tried to make their parents happy. The son and the daughter knew their parents loved the old times, especially the old style clothes. That is why the children organized the dinner, invited the musician and they all were wearing such elegant clothes.
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