Умова завдання:

Read the dialogue below. Decide if the statements below are true or false.
— Let’s cook something for dinner, Jack.
— OK, I don’t mind. How about some tasty salad?
— Good. Will you help me?
— Sure, Mum. What do we need for the salad?
— We need some chicken and some boiled potatoes.
— How much chicken do we need?
— I think this piece is enough.
— And how many potatoes do we need?
— Four.  Also we need some tomatoes.
— Do we need any cucumbers?
— No, my dear. We need no cucumbers at all. Can you pass me some salt?
— Here you are.
— Thank you. Now pass me the oil, please.
— How much oil do we need?
— Not much. That will do. We also need some seasoning. Now take a spoon and mix everything. Our salad is ready.
— Great! It must be delicious!

1. The family will have chicken for dinner. —
2. They need a chicken and four potatoes for the salad. —
3. They need a potato and a tomato for the salad. —
4. They add some oil. —
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