Умова завдання:

Read the text below. Decide if the statements below are true or false.
Sarah is in New York. She is writing a letter to her friend named Karen.

Dear Karen. How are you? I am having a good time in New York. It is Sunday today. It’s ten in the morning now and we are in the park. I am sitting under a tree, listening to music and eating an ice-cream. And I’m writing to you. The weather is wonderful. It’s sunny and warm so I’m wearing a light shirt and a pair of jeans.  Guess who is here with me? My cousin Jane. She is reading a comic. Do you know her? She’s tall and pretty. She’s got long fair hair. Her parents are in Washington. My parents are also here with me. They aren’t working today. My dad is reading a newspaper and my mum is chatting with her friend on the phone. My little brother Jimmy is playing on the grass and eating popcorn. It is great for the whole family to be together. There are a lot of people in the park. Some men are jogging. I can see two girls. They are walking their dogs. And a guy is playing the guitar. I like the way he is playing. He is singing a song, too. His voice is very strong. I think I know this song but I can’t remember the words. I can also see an old lady not far from the place where I’m sitting. She is painting a picture. What is she painting? I can’t see it from here. I will go and see later.
Oh, my mum is calling me. I have to finish the letter. Write to me soon. What are you doing these days?
1. Jane is Jimmy's aunt. —
2. Jimmy's mum is reading a comic. —
3. The guy is good at playing the guitar. —
4. Sarah is curious about the picture the lady is painting. —
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