Умова завдання:

Read the text below. Decide if the statements are true or false.
Good Friends
Mark’s best friend is Billy. They go to school together and live in the same street. Mark and Billy look different. Billy is tall and slim. He has got short fair hair. Mark is short and slim and he’s got short dark hair. Billy always gets excellent marks at school. He is a good pupil and a good friend. Mark is not so clever and Billy often helps him to do homework. Also, they spend a lot of time together talking about different things. At weekends when the two friends don’t go to school they go for a walk or stay at home and have fun together. Billy knows a lot of funny stories and likes telling them. He is a good story-teller. Billy wants to be a writer like his father.
Mark is happy to have such a good friend as Billy.
1. Mark’s friend is clever.
2. Billy is tall and slim.
3. Billy’s friend has got short fair hair.  

4.  Mark’s friend wants to be a writer.

5. Mark’s father is a writer.
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