Умова завдання:

Read the text below. Decide if the statements below are TRUE or FALSE.
The Symbol of Ukraine
Each nation has its traditional clothes that represent the history, customs, and traditions of the country. The symbol of the Ukrainian people is a beautiful vyshyvanka. Ukrainian ancestors treated it with a great respect. Women embroidered shirts for their husbands and children giving attention to each symbol because they all had a meaning. And they still have. Viburnum means beauty, oak stands for strength and life. Roses bring love and sunflowers are a symbol of the sun, light, and labour. Embroidery on a shirt protected its owner from the evil. Mothers embroidered shirts for children so that their future would be bright and carefree. Young girls embroidered shirts for their future husbands. People wore vyshyvankas both on weekdays and on holidays.
Nowadays wearing embroidered clothes is very popular. Of course, the majority will choose a vyshyvanka on Independence Day. But does everyone understand the meaning of this garment?
Always remember that embroidery connects Ukrainians with their ancestors. Vyshyvanka is not just a piece of clothing but the genetic code of the country. Embroidery is a powerful sign and one of the brightest manifestations of Ukraine in the world.
1. Vyshyvanka represents the history of Ukraine. 
2. Embroidery has its meaning. 
3. Embroidered patterns protected from the sun. 
4. Wives embroidered shirts for their husbands. 
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