Умова завдання:

Read a short text below.
text 1.jpg
My name is Victor. Let me tell you about my family. It is small but very friendly. I live with my parents. My mother’s name is Iryna and my father’s name is Ivan. I have no brothers or sisters, so I am an only child in my family. But I have two cousins. They are my uncle’s sons. My uncle is my father’s brother. He and his wife often visit our place at weekends and my cousins and I play together.  My mother’s parents live in the country and we often go to see them.  I like to stay with my grandparents in their big old house. Sometimes my cousins join me there.
Decide if the below statements are true or false.
1. Victor’s family is not very big.
2. There are six people in Victor’s family.
3. Victor's father has a brother.

4. Victor's grandparents live in the country.

5. Ivan's son has an aunt.

6. Victor's aunt is his mother's sister.

7. Victor's cousins are sisters.
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