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Read the text below. Decide if the statements are true or false.
Ukrainian food is delicious but still not well-known around the world.
1. Borshch
Perhaps, borshch is the most famous Ukrainian dish. Some people say it is soup made from meat, beetroot and everything that is in the fridge. That is because there are more than 70 recipes for red borshch. Usually Ukrainian women cook it with meat, beetroot, cabbage, onion, carrots, tomatoes and seasonings. Some add mushrooms. In any case, it is a tradition to serve borshch with a spoon of sour cream. Ukrainians love this dish so much that they even named a small town in Ternopil Region in honour of it. Now it hosts an annual borshch festival.
2. Kholodets
Ukrainian kholodets is delicious and healthy. To cook it, you need to boil different kinds of meat for 4 hours. After that you lay the meat on plates, add carrots, garlic and other seasonings. Then you pour the broth and leave it in a cool place. When it becomes a jelly, it is ready.
3. Syrnik
For dessert, Ukrainians love syrniks. You can find different versions of this sweet dish in Ukraine. But all of them are made from cottage cheese, eggs and butter. Because of this, the dessert is very tender and melts in the mouth.
4. Deruny
Ukrainians also love deruny. These are potato pancakes cooked with onions, eggs and garlic. Some put mushrooms or meat inside. This recipe is very popular in the town of Korosten, Zhytomyr Region, where the annual International deruny festival takes place. In Korosten there is also a monument to the town’s favorite dish.

What is your favourite Ukrainian dish?
1. A borshch festival takes place every month. 
2. Ukrainians eat holodets hot. 
3. You need different kinds of cheese for syrniks. 
4. Korosten hosts an annual deruny festival. 
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