Умова завдання:

Read the text below. Choose the right word to complete the sentences below the text.
My name is Michael but my friends call me Mike. Let me tell you about my fantastic summer holidays.
In June, my classmates and I went to a camp. I liked the camp very much. We played sports games, took part in different competitions and went swimming in the river. We often had parties in the evenings and enjoyed music and dancing. When the weather was bad, we didn’t go outside. We enjoyed drawing, painting, reading books or acting. I made a lot of new friends there and got to know my classmates better than at school.
When I returned home after the camp, the next month our family went to the seaside. We stayed in a nice hotel not far from the beach. I really liked the sea and enjoyed my swimming lessons. They were very helpful and I am very good at swimming now. Also, we visited a water park and had a lot of fun there. And I bought some souvenirs for my friends and my grandparents. Our holiday by the sea was amazing.
In August, I went to the country to visit my grandparents. It is not very far from the city where I live. It takes about one hour to get there. I have a lot of friends in the village where my grandparents live. We went swimming in the river and hiking in the fields. Of course, I helped my grandparents with gardening and cooking. Also, I cleaned the rooms in the house and went shopping for them. Every time I go to the village I enjoy staying with my grandparents and spending time with my friends there.
The school year started a week ago. I was happy to see my classmates and teachers. We all had a good rest during our summer holidays and now everybody is ready to study and work hard.
1. At the camp, Mike  stayed inside.
2. Mike met new friends  .
3. Mike and his family stayed in a hotel  .
4. Mike's grandparents live in a   .
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