Умова завдання:

Read the text below. Decide if the statements given are TRUE or FALSE.
Hobby is what a person likes doing in free time. Hobbies are different. Some people love sport. Others enjoy reading books or listening to music.
My name is Robin. Let me tell you about favourite pastimes in my family. My mom, Lucy, loves cooking. She is really good at it. She always makes delicious breakfasts for the whole family. My mom often cooks the vegetables that my granny grows in her small garden. My grandma is fond of gardening. She enjoys spending time outside watering her vegetables, fruit trees, berries and flowers, of course. Sometimes my father and I help her. My daddy quite likes gardening, but he likes watching TV more. He spends every evening in front of the TV-set. When he gets home from work, he watches the news. Then he chooses a film but never a comedy. And he never misses football matches. He prefers football to any other TV-programme.
My older brother is keen on sport. When he was younger, he was fond of football. Now swimming is his favourite. Sometimes he takes me to the swimming pool and teaches me swimming. But I don’t really like it. What I do like is basketball. My classmates and I often play basketball after school because we want to win the school competition this year. Last year we lost, so we are training very hard to win this time. When I don’t play basketball, I enjoy walking in the park. I like it in the park in winter when everything is white with snow. It is very relaxing and peaceful.

1. Robin's mother is fond of cooking. 
2. Robin's father doesn't like gardening. 
3. Robin's father doesn't like watching comedies. 
4. Robin learns how to swim. 
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