Умова завдання:

Read the text about the Whites' family.
The Whites
The Whites are a family of four. They are Mr. White, Mrs. White and their two children, Nick and Mary. The Whites are from Great Britain. They live in London. Mr. White is a doctor. He helps sick people in hospital. Mrs. White is a hairdresser. She loves her job because she thinks her job makes people feel happy. Nick and Mary are schoolchildren. Nick wants to be a doctor like his father. Mary wants to be a doctor, too. The children think their father’s profession is very important.
The Whites are a friendly family. They love to spend weekends together. Mary always helps her mother to prepare dinner and Nick helps his father in the garden or about the house.
Choose the correct word to complete the sentences:

1. Mr. White has .

2. Mary's  mother is a .

3. Mary  has a .

4. The son wants to be a .
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