Look at the pictures. Read the sentences and learn the comparative structures.
as … as
1. One boy is as tall as the other boy.
not so/as … as
2. The mother is not as tall as the father.
3. The girl is not so tall as her father.
4. The mother is shorter than the father.
5. The girl is taller than the mother.
the + -est
6. The father is the tallest in the family.
as … as
1. In Ukraine, English is as popular as Ukrainian.
not so/as … as
2. German is not as popular as English in Ukraine.
3. Chinese is not so popular as English or German.
more ... than
4. German is more difficult than English.
5. Ukrainian is more difficult than German.
the most
6. English is the most popular language in the world.
7. I think Chinese is the most difficult language in the world.