Study some linkers that have different meanings:
1) Result:
so, as a result, therefore, consequently, such/so … that, for this reason
It was freezing cold, so she wore a warm coat.

It snowed hard all night. As a result/therefore/consequently the airport was closed the following morning.

We regret that you do not have the necessary qualifications, and as a result/therefore/consequently we are unable to offer you a job.

therefore/consequently  можна вживати перед смисловим дієсловом:

We have therefore/consequently decided not to open a new shop.
2) Reason:
because, as, since, because of, due to, owing to
I have stopped writing to her, because/as/since she never answers me.

As the weather is so awful, we have decided not to go out.
Because of, due to, owing to (for formal speech)
The plane was late because of the fog. (informal)

Flight 341 has been delayed due to/owing to adverse weather conditions. (formal)
3) Purpose:
to, so as (not) to, in order (not) to, in case, so (that)
I had a language course in order to improve my English.

She closed the door quietly so as not to/in order not to wake the baby.

She closed the door quietly not to wake the baby.

I’m not going to tell Sam in case he tells everyone else.

She put a rug over the baby so (that) he wouldn’t be cold.

4) Contrast:
but/yet; however/nevertheless); although/ even though/though; in spite of/ despite/despite the fact that
I enjoyed the show but I didn’t have  a very good seat.

Marta was attracted to the stranger, yet something in her head was telling her not to get close to him.

I enjoyed the show. However, I didn’t have a very good seat.

Despite the fact that she was attracted to the man…