Умова завдання:

Listen to the text "Broke in the Big Apple". Kevin talks about being very young, poor, and struggling to live in NYC.
Listen and write phrasal verbs into the gaps.
1. Kevin: The first time I was really broke was, I was 19, and I moved to New York City. I followed a girl that I met in Glacier National Park, I there as a singing waiter, went out to New York, followed her, and I ended up living in an apartment with three other people and the share of my rent was $500 a month. Now that was 20 years ago, and $500 a month 20 years ago to a 19 year old kid with no education, no experience... that was a lot.
2. Kevin: ...where he dances on the piano. Yeah, and I was... I would wrap presents there. And then I would work there from 11 to 4, and then I would   The Village where I was living, and I would work from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. as a waiter and bus boy.
3. Kevin: Well, and a Hostess Fruit Pie lunch. But one time, during lunchtime at FAO Schwartz, I   to the vending machine and I got my Hostess Fruit Pie and I took a bite in it and it was hollow.