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Listen to the dialogue "Boxing as a Sport".
Mike talks about how he started boxing and why he chose it as a sport.
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Write the phrases that you will hear.
1. Erina: So Mike, I heard that you box? Mike: Well I don't box any more but I  , mostly kick boxing for a while.
2. Mike: And we would do really    hill over and over again and we'd do interval training on the sand and in addition, of course, we were doing lots of sparring and lots of conditioning and stuff that would just really push your body to the limit and really test you.
3. Mike: Well, especially with boxing, you get a lot of head injuries and more so over time because unlike other   , boxing is designed to keep you standing and taking hits and that's why you see a lot of professional boxers as they get older and near the end of their career or even after their career, a lot of them have severe brain damage. Their speech is impeded and you can tell that they've really done some damage to their head over the years.